Working and Holiday Visa

October 18, 2009

A “Working and Holiday” agreement has been signed between Australia and Indonesia, where applications have been accepted from 1 July 2009. The Work and Holiday visas are for Australians to visit Indonesia and for Indonesians to visit Australia. The visa is mainly a tourist visa, which also allows the visa holder to do some work.

Working and holiday visa Requirements:

Each applicant must:

  • Be between eighteen (18) and thirty (30) years old (including the ages 18 and 30) at the time the visa is applied for;
  • have tertiary qualifications, or have successfully completed at least two years of undergraduate university study;
  • apply in their home country (Indonesia or Australia);
  • have good English (for Indonesian applicants) or good Indonesian (for Australian applicants) – which is assessed as at least “functional” on a language test;
  • Have no dependent children who will join them (that is, there are no children allowed as family members on the parent’s visa);
  • have not had a visa of this type before;
  • have sufficient funds for their personal expenses for the first three months – generally this is about $5,000 AUD;
  • have good health and good character;
  • provide a letter from the relevant government department which states that the applicant meets these requirements.

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Minimum Salary Level increase for 457 visa holder

October 18, 2009

The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, today announced that Minimum Salary Levels (MSLs) for temporary skilled overseas workers will increase by 3.8 per cent from 1 August 2008.

The increase is part of a package of reforms outlined in the Budget designed to improve the integrity of the temporary skilled migration (457 visa) program.

‘Minimum Salary Levels for temporary skilled migrant workers have been frozen for more than two years and previous increases applied only to new entrants,’ Senator Evans said.

‘This increase will apply to new temporary skilled migrants coming to work in Australia as well as those already in the workforce who are subject to an MSL.

‘The 3.8 per cent increase is based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics all employees earnings increase for November 2006 – November 2007.

‘It increases the safety net for skilled migrant workers to help preserve their earnings power and protect them from exploitation in the workplace.’

The change will increase the current standard MSL from $41,850 to $43,440 per annum. For ICT professionals, the MSL will rise to $59,480 from $57,300.  In regional areas, the MSL will rise to $39,100 (from $37,665) and $53,530 (from $51,570) for ICT professionals. Read the rest of this entry »